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Pictures of Collection

o Please send us at least 5-6 pictures of your favourite cards, memorabilia or anything else that is part of your collection.

o Not all photos will be used for the newsletter

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o Please make sure the photos are clear so members can see what is in your collection

Questions To Answer For The Bio

Include the names, teams or sets you are currently collecting. If you have only specific years or specific subsets you collect, mention it here. If you only collect memorabilia, mention what kind and if you only look for specific styles.

What made you start collecting the player/team/set or memorabilia? Was there a childhood memory that made you want to collect or was there a person in your life that got you collecting them?

Do you have a favourite card or piece of memorabilia that you are very proud of? Mention it here and include how you found it and why it’s your favourite piece.

Do you have a current card that you really need to finish a set or a memorabilia piece that you have been trying to find for years? Mention what you are looking for so other collectors can help you find them.

Include your email address so fellow collectors can reach you in case they have something that you need.

February Collector of The Month


My name is Jordan and I am from Essex, Ontario. I am 30 years old. I first got into the hobby as a little boy growing up. My neighbour across the street used to sell hockey cards and I would go over with all my change and see what caught my eye.

I stopped collecting for about 10 years once my neighbour moved and I got the itch to collect again after receiving a box of upper deck series one for Christmas. And I haven’t looked back since.

What/Who Do You Collect?

I collect hockey cards and signed pictures/pucks. I’m a huge Leafs fan, however, you wouldn’t know it by looking at my collection. I’m a big collector of young guns or the cup (if I can afford it) rookie cards. I collect McDavid, Crosby, Gretzky, Marner, Ovechkin, Orr, etc. Unfortunately, my wallet is only so big haha.


Why Did You Start Collecting The Player/Set/Team?

I started collecting more higher end rookies as I consider it as an investment. You’re betting on a player to perform well in order for his value to go up. Obviously, it’s a lot riskier than investing with a bank but I have a lot more fun doing it this way and it’s nice having all your cards to display. Eventually, I plan on selling some cards but that’s 30 plus years away.

What’s Your Favourite Item?

Do I have to choose just one…..I would have to say my absolute favourite item would be my signed picture of Crosby’s first NHL goal. I wanted that since his rookie year and saved up my whole summer just to afford it. From that picture on, my memorabilia collection grew to where it is today.  A close second favourite item would have to be my 2 graded 10 young guns of Mcdavid followed by a 4 colour cup rookie of Landeskog.

What’s On Your Current Wantlist?

There are only a few cards on my want list right now. I’ve always wanted a Bobby Orr rookie card but the condition needs to be between a Beckett or PSA 2-5. The other card is a Crosby future watch.

Contact Info

You can reach me at or at CNC: jdrleafs2002 if you have any of the above cards for sale or trade.