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Here’s your chance to a part of it. We will be choosing a new collector each month to showcase their collection in our newsletter.  There will be a brief bio about the collector, pictures of some of their collection and what they are currently looking for.

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Pictures of Collection

o Please send us at least 5-6 pictures of your favourite cards, memorabilia or anything else that is part of your collection.

o Not all photos will be used for the newsletter

o Please no inappropriate photos

o Please make sure the photos are clear so members can see what is in your collection

Questions To Answer For The Bio

Include the names, teams or sets you are currently collecting. If you have only specific years or specific subsets you collect, mention it here. If you only collect memorabilia, mention what kind and if you only look for specific styles.

What made you start collecting the player/team/set or memorabilia? Was there a childhood memory that made you want to collect or was there a person in your life that got you collecting them?

Do you have a favourite card or piece of memorabilia that you are very proud of? Mention it here and include how you found it and why it’s your favourite piece.

Do you have a current card that you really need to finish a set or a memorabilia piece that you have been trying to find for years? Mention what you are looking for so other collectors can help you find them.

Include your email address so fellow collectors can reach you in case they have something that you need.

November Collector of The Month


My name is Dan from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and I am one of the owners of CloutsnChara.

What/Who Do You Collect?

I am related to Bill Cook and Bun Cook who played on the New York Rangers in the 1920s and that is who I currently collect. They are cousins of my Grandpa on my mom’s side.


Why Did You Start Collecting The Player/Set/Team?

Since finding out I was related to them, I decided to try and collect as much of their cards as possible. Finding cards from the 1920s is not easy at all but I enjoy the hunt and get excited when I see one I don’t have.

What’s Your Favourite Item?

A lot of my pieces are pretty awesome since they are so old but some of my favourite pieces are the cut autos from Upper Deck, Panini & ITG. The reason is that when I showed my mom the autographs of them, she couldn’t believe the way they did their autographs because they are very similar to the way she would do hers and that’s without her ever seeing it before.


What’s On Your Current Wantlist?

The majority of the items I need now are the cut autos from The Cup, Superlative, ITG Ultimate and other sets. I have only seen a couple here and there but hopefully, I can start finding more of them.

Contact Info

CNC Username: cloutsnchara

You can contact me at if you have any Cook cards available or know of someone that has some. I have quite a bit of them but still missing some key pieces.