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My name is Bill and I live in Waterloo, ON.  I have been a collector all my life, but hockey cards became a focused hobby for me in 2000.

Who / What Do You Collect?

I am primarily a set collector.  I chase McDonalds and Tim Hortons sets, both since their inception.  I also complete the Upper Deck Series 1 & 2 sets (including Young Guns) every year, going back to 2005.  When McDavid hit the Hobby, I put together the SP Authentic set; including all FWs, FWAs and Franchise Icons.  I have added SPA to my annual chase and I am currently working on the most recent 2018-19 release.

In my early days as a collector, I was a Master Set Collector.  The term “Master Set” has different interpretations within the Hobby, but for me it is a copy of EVERY card from the product checklist.  Master Sets were challenging, but doable, pre-2005.  Since then, products have far too many short prints, even 1/1s, that make a true Master Set practically impossible.

Why Did You Start Collecting That Player / Set / Team?

Completing sets gives me a sense of accomplishment after the thrill of the hunt. I enjoy collecting the Series 1/2 and SPA products because they provide a great snapshot of the players in the league at the time and they include the most sought after rookie cards.  Also, Series 1/2 and SPA are the common currency in the Hobby so they are easily available to buy or trade.  Both products are always well represented at local card shows and the monthly CNC Trade Nights. (Shameless plug:

What's Your Favourite Item?

I have completed 4 Master Sets, along with their sealed boxes & packs, and retailer sell sheets.  Here are my accomplishments so far, along with the number of possible complete Master Sets based on the lowest print run of a card in the set.

  • 2000-01 Topps Stars (25)
  • 2001-02 Topps Heritage (25)
  • 2002-03 Topps Heritage (15? The SSPs were not serial numbered)
  • 2003-04 Parkhurst Original 6 – Toronto Maple Leafs (20)

I chased these master sets because I loved how the Heritage sets honoured the classic designs from early releases of Topps – plus the packs included bubble gum!!  And O6 Leafs was a small set that featured past and present Leaf players, with some great autographs and vintage memorabilia cards.

What's On Your Current Wantlist?

I am still working on the 2000-01 Topps Heritage Set to make it my 5th complete Master Set.  Here are some of the cards I need for my ongoing projects:

2000-01 Topps Heritage: 1954 Autoproofs /10 Lindsay and Howe.   Amonte Autograph unredeemed Redemption Card

2003-04 Parkhurst O6 Leafs: 2004 Spring Expo promo stamped cards

2018-19 SPA: Lots of FWs, FWAs, and Franchise Icons.  Find me online or at a CNC Trade Night for the complete list.

Contact Info

CNC/Breakers Username:                                 webottew

Email:                                                    [email protected]

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