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Do you have a current card that you really need to finish a set or a memorabilia piece that you have been trying to find for years? Mention what you are looking for so other collectors can help you find them.

Include your email address so fellow collectors can reach you in case they have something that you need.

October Collector of The Month


Hello fellow collectors my name is Denis Beauregard, 38 years old from Macamic, Québec. It’s an honor for me to showcase my Ray Bourque PSA collection.

What/Who Do You Collect?

I collect Ray Bourque and currently have the collection that is ranked 1st in 5 of 6 PSA ‘s Registry Set of Ray Bourque.


Why Did You Start Collecting The Player/Set/Team?

I grew up a Bruins fan and my favourite player was Ray Bourque. I started to collect cards at the beginning of the “junk era” in the early 1990’s. I bought some packs of Upper Deck and mostly Pro Set. Yeah I know, Pro Set! Quickly, I had a few of Ray’s card and wanted more. That was the beginning. I kept buying Bourque’s cards for a few years and then I put my collection away for quite some time.

I went back into the hobby in 2005 and been an active collector since. Now I concentrate my collection on Ray Bourque’s playing days cards from 1980 to 2001. I really enjoy getting them graded or buying high graded cards.  Today I have 598 different Ray Bourque cards graded only by PSA of Ray Bourque. I have about 700 more ungraded.  My PSA collection is ranked 1st in 5 of 6 PSA‘s Registry Set of Ray Bourque.

What’s Your Favourite Item?

I like all the 1980 to 1989 cards which I try to have in PSA 10 condition. I enjoy the look of the 1981 OPC #1 card and same for the sticker card.

What’s On Your Current Wantlist?

Every day I’m looking on Ebay if there is something that catches my eyes but if I had to pick one, I’d say the


I keep searching for cards that provide something that I still don’t have like an NHL shield, a tag or a button, stuff like that.

Contact Info

CNC Username: denisbeauregard

My email is and I would be pleased if you go to my Facebook group that showcases my collection