Collector Of The Month

Collector of the Month


John B

Who / What Do You Collect?

My main PC is Mitch Marner, Travis Dermott and Johnny Bower but I do collect other Leafs as well as Mark Scheifele.


Why Did You Start Collecting That Player / Set / Team?

I am a huge Leafs fan so I try to collect Leafs young guns, young guns canvas and future watch auto’s. I also collect Mark Scheifele since he is a Kitchener native.


What’s Your Favourite Item?

My favourite card would have to be the 2016-17 Cup Mitch Marner RPA /99 and 2016-17 Cup The Show Mitch Marner


What’s On Your Current Wantlist?

I am looking to collect current Leafs rookie cards and some Mark Scheifele rookie cards.


Contact Info

CNC Username – Blitz


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What / Who Do You Collect?

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Why Did You Start Collecting That Player / Set / Team?

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What’s Your Favourite Item?

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What’s On Your Current Wantlist?

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Contact Info

Include your email address so fellow collectors can reach you in case they have something that you need.