GB #9189 – 12 Days of Christmas Special (Day 10) – 14-15 UD Trilogy 4 Box Half Case Break Team Random! #1

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What Are Group Breaks?

Once each spot is filled and payments are received for each spot in the break, we open the boxes. You will receive every card of your team from the group break you signed up for.

Is Shipping Free?

Yes! Both taxes and shipping is included in the price of the spot.

What If My Team Doesn't appear?

Unfortunately that is the risk of joining breaks BUT you will receive CNC Reward points that you can use on our online store!

Available Spots

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Additional Information


Boxes in this break :

  • 14-15 UD Trilogy x 4

There will be 30 spots.

This Break is a TEAM RANDOM.

If you are having any issues checking out or claiming a spot please call the store (519-954-8278) or email us at

Break is scheduled for December 21st 7:30 PM EST.


Payment Methods :

  • PayPal is the primary method of payment and your address MUST be confirmed. Upon your checkout you can pay via PayPal.
  • Paying with your Visa/Master Card. Upon checkout you will have the option to pay through credit card.
  • Paying by E-Transfer. Once you have selected your spots you can checkout and select E-Transfer. Once the checkout is complete you will have 1:30 hours to get the E-Transfer in or your spot will be released.

Shipping :

  • Tracking -If you would like tracking for your shipment after the break is over, please email us at and Dan will give you a quote. If you opt to ship without tracking we are not liable for any lost packages. Unfortunately, from time to time Canada Post can lose a package. We will do our best to help out but please understand we are not liable if tracking is not purchased.
  • Delivery Times – Shipping times can vary depending on your location with regular shipping. Canada can be anywhere from 3 – 14 business days, USA can be anywhere from 4 – 20 business days and International shipments can be anywhere from 7 – 30 business days.
  • Shipping Address – If you have moved recently please email us at and let us know the new address. We, unfortunately, can’t look at the back end or PayPal every time we ship to see if an address has changed so we ask that you let us know.
  • Packaging – We ship everything in bubble mailers and count cases/top loaders. Dan goes through each package to see if there are any cards that should go with a top loader or 1 touch. If you would like a 1 touch for a card, please email Dan at and he will let you know the cost.

For a break down of each Group Break Style, Click this link : Group Break Styles Information
All the trading, drafting and Random rules are posted in the link above.

For information on Consignments please Click : Consignment FAQS.

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1. LAJoeDub87 Spot 30 1. Toronto
2. Sportnews Spot 28 2. Vancouver
3. pjcnyr Spot 7 3. Philadelphia
4. pjcnyr Spot 29 4. New Jersey
5. Sportnews Spot 22 5. Los Angeles
6. mhabell Spot 11 6. Islanders
7. mhabell Spot 12 7. Minnesota
8. stevef Spot 14 8. Chicago
9. digitalyounggun Spot 8 9. Columbus
10. illae Spot 16 10. Arizona
11. John McG Spot 5 11. Winnipeg
12. Sportnews Spot 27 12. Anaheim
13. mhabell Spot 10 13. Rangers
14. illae Spot 6 14. St. Louis
15. Dare22 Spot 3 15. Washington
16. mhabell Spot 13 16. Boston
17. Dare22 Spot 4 17. San Jose
18. Sportnews Spot 26 18. Buffalo
19. John McG Spot 15 19. Carolina
20. Sportnews Spot 24 20. Nashville
21. John McG Spot 25 21. Florida
22. Sportnews Spot 21 22. Calgary
23. Sportnews Spot 23 23. Ottawa
24. tincup21 Spot 17 24. Montreal
25. Sportnews Spot 2 25. Detroit
26. pjcnyr Spot 9 26. Tampa Bay
27. LAJoeDub87 Spot 18 27. Pittsburgh
28. LAJoeDub87 Spot 20 28. Edmonton
29. Sportnews Spot 1 29. Colorado
30. digitalyounggun Spot 19 30. Dallas