What Are Group Breaks?

Once each spot is filled and payments are received for each spot in the break, we open the boxes. You will receive every card of your team from the group break you signed up for.

Is Shipping Free?

Yes! Both taxes and shipping is included in the price of the spot.

What If My Team Doesn't appear?

Unfortunately that is the risk of joining breaks BUT you will receive CNC Reward points that you can use on our online store!

Available Spots

Additional Information




We are going to do a giveaway based on how many breaks we get filled Friday February 7, 2020!  The more breaks we fill, the bigger the prize! We will be going LIVE at 8:30 PM EST! BREAKS MUST BE FILLED BY 10:30 PM EST TO COUNT TOWARDS THE PRIZE.


If we fill THREE breaks, we will give away (1) 18-19 UD CLEAR CUT BOX!

If we fill FIVE breaks, we will give away (1) 18-19 UD PREMIER TIN!

If we fill SEVEN breaks, we will give away (1) 18-19 UD THE CUP TIN!

If we fill NINE breaks, we will give away (1) 16-17 UD THE CUP TIN!


Every spot you take in the breaks that fill will count as a ballot towards the giveaway!

Best of Luck!