2021-22 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Hobby Case (12 Boxes) Pre-Sale

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Young Guns are the most anticipated rookie cards of the year for the 2021-22 class.

Look for the French parallel of the entire 250-card regular set.

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2021-22 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Hobby Case (12 Boxes)


8 Cards Per Pack
24 Packs Per Box
12 Boxes Per Case

Product Highlights

  • Young Guns are the most anticipated rookie cards of the year for the 2021-22 class.
    • Look for the French parallel of the entire 250-card regular set.
  • Another favorite among collectors, the UD Canvas insert returns featuring a collection of the top stars in the game today along with the best of the Young Guns!
    • Chase Card Alert! Look for SUPER-RARE hard-signed & hand-numbered UD Canvas Signatures cards!!
  • NEW INSERTS!! Great new inserts sure to please everyone, from the casual fan to the avid collector:
    • NEW! Honor Roll: The revival of a classic UD insert set featuring star players. Look for Rainbow (#’d to 250) and Gold Rainbow (#’d to 25) parallels.
    • NEW! Electromagnetic & Hundo P: Two intriguing ALL-NEW inserts! Electromagnetic features today’s superstars while Hundo P features players that are known for their hustle. Collect both the regular sets and the RARE Gold parallel sets!
    • NEW! Daylight Nightlight: These distinctively designed and SUPER-RARE cards are sure to be a hit. Hold one in your hands – day or night – and you’ll see what we mean!
  • The Clear Cut PETG inserts return at a rate of one per case, on average. This year’s themes include the multi-player Clear Cut Foundations and Clear Cut Leaders, Clear Cut Honoured Members and the ALL-NEW Clear Cut Picks featuring ONLY first-round draft picks!
  • UD Portraits, featuring stars and short-printed superstars, returns with an ALL-NEW Black & White parallel #’d to 250 (stars) and 25 (superstars)!
  • For those looking for cards featuring game-worn jerseys from their favorite standout players, the popular and long-running UD Game Jersey set will do the trick. Keep an eye out for game-worn Patch and 25th Anniversary Patch parallels #’d to just 15!
  • Look for Printing Plates from a wide variety of insert sets, including but not limited to: UD Canvas (including Young Guns), UD Portraits, Honor Roll, Debut Dates, and Rookie Retrospective

Box Break (On Average)

  • (6) Young Guns Rookie Cards
  • (6) Inserts
  • (4) UD Canvas Cards
  • (2) UD Portraits
  • (2) Honor Roll Cards
  • (1) Dazzlers Blue Card

Case Break (On Average)

  • (8) UD Game Jersey Cards
  • (6) UD Canvas Young Guns Rookie Cards
  • (4) Base Set Clear Cut Parallel Cards (3 Regular, 1 Young Gun)
  • (1) Clear Cut PETG Insert Card

Product Breakdown

Rookie-Specific Cards (2021-22 Rookies)

  • Young Guns® (201-250) 1:4
  • Young Guns – Exclusives Parallel #’d to 100
  • Young Guns – High Gloss Parallel #’d to 10
  • Young Guns – Clear Cut Parallel (Hobby Exclusive!) 1:288
  • Young Guns – French Parallel 1:120
  • UD Canvas Young Guns 1:48
  • UD Canvas Young Guns Printing Plates

Non-Rookie-Specific Insert Cards

  • Clear Cut Foundations 1:360
  • Clear Cut Honoured Members #’d to 100
  • Clear Cut Leaders 1:4,000
  • Clear Picks (New!) 1:1,152
  • Day With The Cup Flashbacks 1:2,880
  • Day With The Cup Flashbacks SP’s 1:12,960
  • Daylight Nightlight (New!) 1:864
  • Dazzlers – Blue 1:24
  • Dazzlers – Pink 1:144
  • Debut Dates 1:16
  • Debut Dates – Gold Parallel 1:192
  • Debut Dates Printing Plates
  • Electromagnetic (New!) 1:14
  • Electromagnetic – Gold Parallel (New!) 1:160
  • Electromagnetic Printing Plates (New!)
  • Honor Roll (New!) 1:12
  • Honor Roll – Rainbow Parallel (New!) #’d to 250
  • Honor Roll – Gold Rainbow Parallel (New!) #’d to 25
  • Honor Roll Printing Plates (New!)
  • Hundo P (New!) 1:12
  • Hundo P – Gold Parallel (New!) 1:192
  • Hundo P Printing Plates (New!)
  • Rookie Retrospective 1:20
  • Rookie Retrospective – Gold Parallel 1:240
  • Rookie Retrospective Printing Plates
  • UD Canvas® 1:7
  • UD Canvas Printing Plates
  • UD Canvas Signatures (Hard-Signed!) #’d to Uniform Number
  • UD Game Jersey (Game-Worn Memorabilia!) 1:72
  • UD Game Patch (Game-Worn Memorabilia!) #’d to 15
  • UD Game Patch 25th Anniversary (Game-Worn Memorabilia!) #’d to 15
  • UD Portraits 1:14
  • UD Portraits – Black & White Parallel (New!) #’d to 250
  • UD Portraits Printing Plates
  • UD Portraits SP’s 1:120
  • UD Portraits SP’s – Black & White Parallel (New!) #’d to 25
  • UD Portraits SP’s Printing Plates

Regular Base Set & Parallel Cards

  • Base Set (1-200)
  • Base Set – Exclusives Parallel #’d to 100
  • Base Set – High Gloss Parallel #’d to 10
  • Base Set – Clear Cut Parallel (Hobby Exclusive!) 1:96
  • Base Set – French Parallel 1:30

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