CnC Traders Night

Saturday, October 29th
6pm – 10pm

What Is Trader’s Night?

On the last Saturday of every month we host a trading event at our store in Kitchener. Traders Night is where collectors come to our store with their traders and buy, sell, and trade with fellow collectors. Relax and enjoy watching sports on our 3 TV’s and be treated to FREE pizza! All age groups are welcomed, and any style of cards are welcomed like autos, game used cards, rookie cards, inserts… (Hockey is the main sport).

Some trade nights we do special events for our members such as giveaway’s, draws, and in-store group breaks!

Learn more about our Group Breaks here!

2022 Traders Nights

October 29


Past Special Events

Johnny Bower Signing

Doug Gilmour Signing

Mitch Marner Signing

Over 100 Trade Nights hosted!

10+ years of business!

Over 6,000 members!

CloutsnChara Trading Group

Prefer to trade online?

Visit our Facebook Trading Group to buy, sell, and trade sports cards, all from the comfort of your own home!