What Connor Bedard NHL Rookie Cards To Look For

Upper Deck Connor Bedard

Connor Bedard Rookie Cards

Anticipation is quickly growing for the release of Connor Bedard rookie cards and with that in mind we have made this post showcasing the different rookie cards collectors can look forward to getting their hands on. 

Every year Upper Deck releases a full product line each with their own rookie card sets, listed below are examples of the most sought after rookie cards every year with images from previous releases.

2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 Young Guns Connor McDavid

Upper Deck Young Guns

The most collected rookie card every year is the Young Gun. Young Guns can be found in Upper Deck Series One, Series Two and Extended with each product having its own checklist of 50 unique rookies. Series One will contain rookies that debuted late in the 22-23 season and Series Two and Extended will contain rookies from the 2023 NHL entry draft that play early in the 23-24 season. 

As long as he plays early on in the season, Connor Bedard’s Young Gun is expected to be released in 23-24 Upper Deck Series Two.

2008-09 Upper Deck SP Authentic Future Watch Autograph /999

Upper Deck Future Watch

One of the most sought after rookie cards of the year is the Future Watch Auto which can be found in Upper Deck SP Authentic.

Future Watch Autos are numbered to 999 with the first 50 often having an inscription with the autograph. Future Watch parallels include a patch parallel numbered to 100 and a black parallel which is not numbered but extremely rare. 

Connor Bedard Future Watches are expected to be in 23-24 Upper Deck SP Authentic.

2015-16 Upper Deck Ice Premieres Rookie Jack Eichel /99

Upper Deck Ice Premieres /99

Ice Premieres rookie cards are found in Upper Deck Ice and are tiered based on player quality. The top rookies of the year will be numbered to 99 with the remaining rookies being numbered higher. 

Ice Premieres numbered to 99 are a rare find and because of this hold strong value compared to other rookie cards. 

Connor Bedard Ice Premieres are expected to be in 23-24 Upper Deck Ice.

Upper Deck Ultimate Rookie Autos

Ultimate Rookie Autos are released yearly in Upper Deck Ultimate. 

Similar to Ice Premieres, Ultimate Rookie Autographs are tiered based on player quality with the best being numbered to 99. These rookie autos are also a rare hit that tend to hold high value. 

Connor Bedard Ultimate Rookie Autographs are expected to be in 23-24 Upper Deck Ultimate.

Upper Deck Black Diamond Relic Rookies

One of the more unique rookie cards released every year is the Diamond Rookie Relics which can be found in Upper Deck Black Diamond. 

These beautiful rookie cards are numbered to 99 and boast one to four lab created diamonds, again depending on the tier of the rookie. The most highly touted rookie’s cards will contain 4 diamonds. 

Connor Bedard Diamond Relic Rookies are expected to be in 23-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond.

2016-17 Upper Deck Premier Rookie Acetate Patch/Autograph Mitch Marner /199

Upper Deck Premier Acetate Rookie Patch/Auto

Second only to Cup on the high end rookie card scale is the Premier Rookie Patch Auto released in Upper Deck Premier.

This card features a large patch window and a hard signed autographed with an acetate finish making it a card collectors clamor for. 

Connor Bedard Acetate Rookie Patch Autos are expected to be in 23-24 Upper Deck Premier.

2015-16 Upper Deck The Cup Rookie Patch/Autograph Connor McDavid

Upper Deck The Cup Rookie Patch/Auto

The mecca of all rookie cards every year is the Cup Rookie Patch Auto which releases in Upper Deck The Cup. 

These cards contain a patch as well as a hard signed auto and are numbered to 99 for the top rookies and 249 for all other rookies. Top rookies in this set continuously fetch thousands of dollars on the market and are truly the centerpiece of any collection. 

Connor Bedard Cup Rookie Patch Autos are expected to be in 23-24 UD The Cup.

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