Group Breaks FAQ

How to Join a CnC Group Break

Group Break FAQ

What are 'Group Breaks'?

The basic setup of a group break is that multiple people split the costs of the boxes (multiple boxes or a case of one type) in the break and then the hits are divided up amongst the people in the break (depending on what sports team that they get)

Group breaks can involve every product from Cup, Heroes and Prospects, Superlative, Dominion, Chrome, Ultimate, Series 1, O-Pee-Chee and more…..

It is a great alternative to buying a full case or box. For example, a tin of The Cup hockey can run you $500.00 whereas our 6 tin Cup case (value $3000) group break is $100 per spot.

Group Break’s are a great and fun way to be involved in a large break at minimal costs.

How Do Group Breaks Work?

There are 30 people in a group break and 30 teams in the NHL. Once each spot is filled and payments are received for each spot in the break, we open the boxes. You will receive every card of your team from the group break you signed up for.

PayPal is the main form of payment accepted. For every group break we keep a visible thread on our website to keep track of who has the spots in each break and to keep track of payments. You can also pay by E-Transfer on checkout, you must send payment within 1 hour of claiming your spot or else we have the right to forfeit your spot.

All Group Breaks are done live on Breakers.TV for you to watch. Each group break has a scheduled time but will only go once filled. They are also recorded for our YouTube channel so you can watch the break at your own convenience.

Once the break is over, the cards will be divided up into teams and shipped/picked up to the appropriate members that have those teams.

Group Break Process

1) All spots are to be paid via PayPal or E-Transfer to [email protected] Put the break number (found in the title of each break) in the title of your payment and your user name in the description.

  • We ONLY use the address listed in your profile here on C&C. NOT your PayPal address but please when possible make sure they match. We will not ship high value packages to someone with an unconfirmed PayPal address.
  • If you move or your address in your profile changes you MUST notify us of the change or else it will be shipped to your old address. (Info is saved in our shipping system).
  • If you incorrectly do either of the last two points, we are not liable for lost items although we will do everything we can to recover your package within reason.

2) You should receive an email once your order goes through for the group break spot(s). If you do not receive the email or just want to confirm that your spot went through, you can email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 519-954-8278.

  • The Scheduled Break time in each thread just states when we go live. If you checkout by E-Transfer, you have an hour to get your payment in or else we have the right to forfeit the spot.

3) Trading of teams will take place immediately before the break after the randoms. 5 minutes will be allocated. (Sometimes more time will be allocated for higher End GB’s)

4) The base is not sent with the GB hits (Cup, Ultimate and most higher end products, the base will be sent). We do have the option to send extra but it is at an additional cost. Cost depends on the number of cards and where you are located.

5) Tracking is free within Canada as long as your package meets a specific value. If your package does not meet that value, we will ship the package regular mail. We will mark each order shipped once the package is ready to go, packages don’t move on the weekend but they are in Canada Post hands so they can go out Monday morning.

Types of Group Breaks

Team Select

Instead of a fixed price for the break, each team will have their own price. (eg. Pitts=$70, Tor =$30 and so on)

  • Members are to post in the break thread what team they want.
  • Once all 30 teams are taken, the break will start.

Team Random

This type is where every person in the break is randomly assigned a team (via Then throughout the break every card pulled of each team will go to the person that they belong to (eg. if you draw Toronto Maple Leafs, all cards opened of them are yours.) There is a 5 minute window prior to each break that we allow you to trade teams amongst other group break members.

Team Draft

Same as Team Style except for the Team selection process.

How the selection process works:

  • After the break is full and all spots are paid, we random all the spots to determine the draft order.
  • After the draft order is determined, the picking process begins on Breakers.TV. You can pick whichever team you like as long as they are still available at your pick.
  • We will go in order from 1-28 based on the random. Whichever 2 Teams do not get picked will be randomized to 2 people in the break before the break starts.

If you can not be present on Breakers.TV during the draft, you have 2 options:

1) Trust us to pick best team available (in our opinion).

2) Email us at [email protected] with your list of teams in order. We will pick based on your position and the top team you want that is still available.

Switch Break

See ‘Team Draft’ – Difference is that the break will be split in two and the draft order will flipped for the second part.

  • Example: Dan has first pick in the first part of the break, he will have the last pick in the second part of the break.

Draft Style

This is done in a very similar fashion to pro-sports entry drafts, only snake style. Once the break is full, the boxes are broken and immediately following the draft order is determined via Whoever lands on top, gets first pick of whichever card they would like from the break, 2nd gets to pick from what’s left, so on and so forth until there are no cards remaining. Snake style means whoever has last pick in the first round, gets first pick in the second round of drafting.

Division Style

See ‘Team Style’ – One difference is that it is broken down by NHL division not team. Central, Atlantic etc…..

  • No dead teams in this break or free spots.

HIT Style

Primarily used for ITG case GB’s (I.e. H&P, BTP etc…)

  • Number of spots varies
  • Hits are determined by labelling everyone’s name onto a decoy or business card and shuffling them prior to the break. As the break is happening whoever has their name on top of the stack will be getting the next Game Used or Auto card pulled and all inserts leading up to it. Once the hit is pulled, their name and cards are moved to the side and the next person on top gets the next hit and all inserts leading up to it.
  • If there are more hits than spots, the ‘extra’ hits will be given away individually via
  • This is a simple list to categorise every C&C Mixed Box Group Break. Each price point will have a different label applied to it to help people choose which Group Breaks they would like to join.



  • Variety of singles, packs, boxes, grading tickets and other items, randomized between all the participants in the break.
  • There will be headliners in the break – Ex: Several boxes made by Upper Deck or some higher-end singles.
  • The random is done on and is recorded for YouTube.


Team Select Mix

Prices vary based on team and product

Micro Mini

Any Break $19 or less


Any Break $20-$29

Mega Mini

Any Break $30-$39


Any Break $40-$69

Mini Monster

Any Break $70-$99


Any Break $100-$149

Mega Monster

Any Break $150 & Up

Shipping Process & Info

We ship all group break hits every weekend, sometimes Friday if we can get it out that quickly. The group breaks that are getting shipped out would be from Thursday night to Thursday which is a full week.

If you would like a group break to shipped right away and want it tracked, you must pay for the tracking since we are not shipping it on our regular schedule. You can email Dan for a shipping quote as it depends on where you are located – [email protected]

All shipments will be shipped to the address you have registered in your C&C profile. If you change this address after we have shipped previous packages to you, you must notify us of this change via an email to [email protected]

All packages will be shipped in Bubble mailers in either a top loader, one-touch or protective count cases (depending on the number of cards in the package.)

When do my cards ship from my break?

Breaks from Thursday night to the following Wednesday are packaged up from Thursday to Sunday and shipped out Monday.

When can I pick up my hits?

If possible, we ask that pick-ups happen the Thursday or after.

Where can I see what team I got in a random?

In the break description, there will be a list showing the outcomes of the team random.


(click for fullsize)

Where can I watch afterwards?

All of our breaks are uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Your break number will be in the video title to make it easier to find and replay your break.

When does my break start?

In the description of each group break will be the scheduled date and time. We aim to break on schedule, however breaks will be done once all the spots are taken.

Why Join a CnC Group Break

We are an AIR (Authorized Internet Retailer) and CDD (Certified Diamond Dealer) with Upper Deck which means that we are authorized by Upper Deck to sell all their newest products as well as older ones. We also carry the other brands like Panini and Topps which we do group breaks for.

We do group breaks mainly in hockey but can offer box breaks of other sports also.

We have some of the best prices on group breaks. We have done over 11,000 group breaks, and we do tons of giveaways and giveaway free cards!

Upper Deck Authorized Internet Retailer Logo
Upper Deck Authorized Group Breaker Logo

MNT Grading Group Break Special

If you would like a card to be graded by MNT Grading, and we opened it in one of our group breaks recently (we must have it still in hand), you can get your card(s) graded through us!

For details, and to order the MNT Group Break special, please click here.

For more information on MNT Grading, please click here.

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