GB#16,772 – *CNC INSTANT BREAK – PLEASE READ *21-22 Upper Deck Series ONE 3 Box – T-RANDOM INSTANT #1


To keep up with our fast paced world and give our customers more of the products they want to see, we are excited to announce CLOUTSNCHARA INSTANT! 

What is CloutsnChara Instant and how does it work?

CloutsnChara Instant is a new group break format where the product openings are pre recorded and released right away once we go LIVE! What we hope will come from this is more breaks and more lively YouTube LIVE broadcasts where viewers only have to watch the breaks they want to as opposed to waiting for other breaks to finish before we get to theirs. 

We are well aware that there can be concerns surrounding pre recorded group breaks and want to assure all of our customers that we are doing everything to be as transparent as possible to keep you feeling secure joining these breaks! That being said this is how CloutsnChara Instant Group Breaks will work:

  1. We will open multiple group breaks of one product at the same time in one long video, clearly stating where the different group breaks begin and end in the video. Please note that the group breaks in the video will not be assigned a group break number rather a number assigned to the breakdown of the break. For example, if we were to do a 6 box break of Series One, we will announce the start and end of “Series One 6 Box #1” and “Series One 6 Box #2” etc. We will be doing the breaks in one long video to show continuity so there are no concerns of starting and stopping. The long video will not be released publicly until all of the breaks shown in that video have been completed to protect the integrity of the breaks themselves. 
  2. When we go LIVE we will roll a die and will open whatever “break number” it lands on. If that “break number has already been opened or does not exist we will keep rolling until we land on an available “break number.” This will keep the break distribution as random as possible. 
  3. Once the specific break is chosen we will do the team randoms and post the video with the correct break number in the title and post the appropriate team randoms in the group break thread. 

The whole process should be very quick, transparent and streamlined and allow us the time and opportunity to do more breaks and allow all of our customers to see more of the products they want!

Boxes in this break :

  • 21-22 Upper Deck Series One x 3

There will be 31 spots.

This Break is a TEAM RANDOM.

If you are having any issues checking out or claiming a spot please call the store (519-954-8278) or email us at [email protected].

Break is scheduled for March 26th 3:00 PM EST.

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2021-22 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Hobby Box
GB#16,772 – *CNC INSTANT BREAK – PLEASE READ *21-22 Upper Deck Series ONE 3 Box – T-RANDOM INSTANT #1
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