2024 Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day Checklist

Upper Deck National Hockey Cards Day

Welcome to the ultimate celebration for hockey fans and collectors worldwide: 2024 Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day! Now in its remarkable 15th year, this event promises excitement and treasures for enthusiasts of the game and the hobby of collecting hockey cards. Make sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, April 13, 2024, and head down to your local hobby shop to claim your FREE pack of hockey cards!

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What makes the 2024 Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day truly special? It’s the unique set of cards it offers, catering to both fans and collectors alike. Inside each pack, you’ll discover a thrilling mix of cards featuring the most heralded and high-performing rookies of the 2023-24 season (Prominent Rookies), the current superstars lighting up the ice (Hockey Superstars), and the revered retired legends who have left an everlasting legacy on the sport (Legends on Ice). Whether you’re seeking the next big thing in hockey or reminiscing about the heroes of the past, this set has something to offer everyone.

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But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Keep your eyes peeled for the exclusive UD Victory Black Rookie and Mascot cards, along with Player Autographs and the all-new Mascot Autograph cards, all randomly seeded into packs. Whenever one of these rare cards appears, it replaces one of the base cards, adding an extra layer of anticipation and surprise to each pack.

24_National Hockey Card Day_F1_p05_crd05_Knies_216x302 24_National Hockey Card Day_F1_p01_crd01_Bedard_216x302

Among the treasures awaiting collectors are rookie cards featuring standout talents like Connor Bedard, Logan Cooley, Adam Fantilli, Leo Carlsson, Brock Faber, Matthew Knies, Luke Hughes, and many more. Whether you’re scouting for the future stars of the game or paying homage to the legends who paved the way, these cards capture the essence of hockey’s rich history and promising future.

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And as a special bonus, customers can snag a Connor Bedard Rookie Moments bonus card with a Upper Deck purchase (while supplies last), adding even more value and excitement to your collection.

24_National Hockey Card Day_F3_p19_crdM3_Bailey_216x302

Don’t miss out on the thrill of the 2024 Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day! Join us on April 13th at CloutsnChara Sports Cards and immerse yourself in the world of hockey collectibles. With free packs, exclusive cards, and memorable moments waiting to be discovered, it’s an event you won’t want to miss!

  • Prominent Rookies NHCD-1 Connor Bedard Chicago Blackhawks
  • Prominent Rookies NHCD-2 Adam Fantilli Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Prominent Rookies NHCD-3 Logan Cooley Arizona Coyotes
  • Prominent Rookies NHCD-4 Luke Hughes New Jersey Devils
  • Prominent Rookies NHCD-5 Matthew Knies Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Prominent Rookies NHCD-6 Devon Levi Buffalo Sabres
  • Prominent Rookies NHCD-7 Matthew Poitras Boston Bruins
  • Prominent Rookies NHCD-8 Simon Edvinsson Detroit Red Wings
  • Prominent Rookies NHCD-9 Pavel Mintyukov Anaheim Ducks
  • Prominent Rookies NHCD-10 Matthew Coronato Calgary Flames
  • Hockey Superstars NHCD-11 Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers
  • Hockey Superstars NHCD-12 Leon Draisaitl Edmonton Oilers
  • Hockey Superstars NHCD-13 Auston Matthews Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Hockey Superstars NHCD-14 Alex Ovechkin Washington Capitals
  • Hockey Superstars NHCD-15 Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Hockey Superstars NHCD-16 David Pastrnak Boston Bruins
  • Hockey Superstars NHCD-17 Nathan MacKinnon Colorado Avalanche
  • Hockey Superstars NHCD-18 Jason Robertson Dallas Stars
  • Hockey Superstars NHCD-19 Cole Caufield Montreal Canadiens
  • Hockey Superstars NHCD-20 Nick Suzuki Montreal Canadiens
  • Legends on Ice NHCD-21 Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Legends on Ice NHCD-22 Wayne Gretzky Los Angeles Kings
  • Legends on Ice NHCD-23 Patrick Roy Colorado Avalanche
  • Legends on Ice NHCD-24 Steve Yzerman Detroit Red Wings
  • Legends on Ice NHCD-25 Dominik Hasek Buffalo Sabres
  • Legends on Ice NHCD-26 Mark Messier New York Rangers
  • Legends on Ice NHCD-27 Eric Lindros Philadelphia Flyers
  • Legends on Ice NHCD-28 Teemu Selanne Anaheim Ducks
  • Legends on Ice NHCD-29 Phil Esposito Boston Bruins
  • Legends on Ice NHCD-30 Mike Bossy New York Islanders
  • Rookie Moments NHCD-31 Connor Bedard Chicago Blackhawks
  • Checklist Card 2024 PROMO Checklist Card / None
  • Upper Deck Victory Black Rookies V-9 Connor Bedard Chicago Blackhawks
  • Upper Deck Victory Black Rookies V-10 Ridly Greig Ottawa Senators
  • Upper Deck Victory Black Rookies V-11 Logan Cooley Arizona Coyotes
  • Upper Deck Victory Black Rookies V-12 Luke Evangelista Nashville Predators
  • Upper Deck Victory Black Rookies V-13 Kevin Korchinski Chicago Blackhawks
  • Upper Deck Victory Black Rookies V-14 Adam Fantilli Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Upper Deck Victory Black Rookies V-15 Leo Carlsson Anaheim Ducks
  • Upper Deck Victory Black Rookies V-16 Zach Benson Buffalo Sabres
  • Upper Deck Victory Black Rookies V-17 Brock Faber Minnesota Wild
  • Upper Deck Victory Black Rookies V-18 Matthew Poitras Boston Bruins
  • Mascot Set M-1 Wild Wing Anaheim Ducks
  • Mascot Set M-2 Sparky The Dragon New York Islanders
  • Mascot Set M-3 Bailey Los Angeles Kings
  • Mascot Set M-4 Gnash Nashville Predators
  • Mascot Set M-5 Victor Green Dallas Stars
  • Mascot Set M-6 N.J. Devil New Jersey Devils
  • Mascot Set M-7 Louie St. Louis Blues
  • Mascot Set M-8 Stinger Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Mascot Set M-9 S.J. Sharkie San Jose Sharks
  • Mascot Set M-10 Iceburgh Pittsburgh Penguins

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